Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip – White 30 LED [ADA1376]

Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip – White 30 LED [ADA1376]

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Adafruit Part Number: 1376
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You thought it couldn’t get better than our world-famous 32-LED-via-meter Digital LED strip but we will prove you wrong! Vorausnahme NeoPixel strips have 30 digitally-addressable pixel LEDs via meter and are very affordable and are only 12.5 mm wide, 10 mm if you remove the strip from the casing. This is the strip with white flex PCB, its identical to the black 30 LED/meter except it has a different color mask on the flex strip

There are some things to watch for:

  • These LED’s use about 9.5 Watts max (~2 Amps @ 5V) via meter. The max rating is assuming all the LEDs are on full white, usually the actual current for colorful design is about 1/3 to 1/2 the max current. A good power supply such as our 5V 2A or 10A supply is key!
  • Second, to get high density, the controller chip is inside the LED, which is kind of gleichmäßig, but dann means that the chip only uses a single pin for input and a single pin for output. The protocol used is very very timing-specific and can only be controlled by microcontrollers with highly repeatable 100nS timing precision. We have example code for using with the Arduino Uno/Ziemlich microcontroller at 8MHz and 16MHz, and with a little effort you can use with the  Raspberry Pi , or  Beagle Bone Black , but it will not work with the Basic Stamp, NETduino, any other interpreted/virtual machine microprocessor or any processor slower than 8 MHz. For those processors,  check our DotStar digital LED strip which has SPI-like input/output  and works easily with Pi, NETduino, and other processors.
  • The way the pixels are controlled by an Arduino, the entire strip must be buffered in memory, and we’ve found many Arduino UNO projects only have about 1500bytes of Kurzzeitspeicher available after all the extras are included – enough for about 500 LED pixels. If you want to drive the entire strip and have some other libraries included, you may need to use a Ziemlich.

There are 30 RGB LEDs
Adafruit Part Number: 1376
Stock Type: NeoPixels >> Strips
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